Build your portfolio, get credit, link to your blog, and share what you know about the things you care about by writing for We are always looking for contributors to our Health Articles Section or News Section.


  • Send a note to about a topic idea.
  • We are currently looking for helpful articles such as:
    • tips and guidelines for smart buying
    • healthy families
    • projects to do with kids
    • managing mental health, or
    • helpful techniques for hobbies like gardening, cleaning, raising animals, or sewing and home crafts.
  • See our current articles on Should I Set Up an HSA, or How to Declutter and Make Money, or Finding Great Jewelry Secondhand, or Should I Buy Used Tires, for guidance on style and tone. These topics relate to things users might be considering if they are on this site.
  • The tone must be friendly, helpful and offer specific information. Vague, wordy, or self-serving submissions will be declined or significantly edited.
  • Most articles are between 500-900 words long. This is intentionally short so the articles are quick and easy for our readers to enjoy.
  • Using bullets to streamline lists (like this list) is suggested to keep focus on the information, and keep the article moving.
  • It is ideal for our format to focus on a narrow area of your interest:
    • For example, in the Decluttering article, I could have gone into much detail and made a long, thorough list of how to sort each kind of item, but I focused narrowly on how to how to make money with the items from your decluttering efforts. The other areas will be saved for future articles.
  • You can be the source if you are directly knowledgeable about your topic. We recommend also using sources and links to outside experts and recent research:
    • Multiple sources will make the article more credible and the information more widely useful to the readers.
    • We recommend you only source yourself in an anecdotal way such as “…when I work with my own clients, I recommend this technique because… ” and seek out higher authorities for facts and exact guidance.
    • Please seek out sources that are only a 1-5 years old. Referencing information about who working moms balance work and family published in, for example, 1959 is not quite as relevant as something researched and published in 2019. If your topic is about collecting items from early in the 20th Century, then, yes, an older source would have its place.
  • All articles will go through our editing process and will likely come out a little differently than you sent them in.
  • If you are unhappy with the final article, we don’t have to publish it. It is our intent to work with authors to post articles that we are both proud of.
  • Articles that are self-serving, poorly written, or political or issue-oriented are not going to pass our editorial filter.
  • The submissions that are not articles will also not be published. A scan of a flier or a diagram is *part* of an article and can be incorporated into the content, but is not currently in a form we are willing to publish.
  • Write assuming you will get comments from readers, even negative or argumentative comments. Currently the comment function is turned off, but that could change in the future. We will advise our authors of any policy changes.


  • All Articles will need a photo or two to publish. We can help find appropriate images or possibly use yours with the conditions below.
  • We may be able to use your photos if they are high enough quality (at least 1200 x 800 pixels) and you have the right to use them.
  • If you took the photo or have direct permission from the photographer, you have the right to use it. If you found it on the internet, you do not. We will check.
  • Otherwise, we will use a royalty-free image from our library we know we have rights to.


  • Approved and published articles will earn you an author’s byline. You can see an example of my byline at the end of this article. Author names will also be part of the slug in the article preview.
  • We include author bios with a photo or Gravatar. You can include a link to your site in that bio.
  • Your bio can be fun, but should also include some indication of your credibility on the topic you’re writing about such as professional certifications, other writings on the topic, or running a business in that field.
  • Bios are generally under 100 words.


  • Approved Authors will be given a higher-level Author account in to assemble their articles for review.
  • This does not allow access to any website functions, tracking or the ability to change articles that have been approved and published.
  • If you prefer, we can email articles and edits back and forth in a Word document and I will load the article for you.
  • All articles will go through an Editor and an editing process to review issues of readability and content, as indicated above, before they are posted live on the site.


  • Any articles published on will revert to our copyright and should not be re-published elsewhere.
  • We intend to leave the articles up until they are out of date, and that can be a different length of time for different topics.


  • The Terms and Conditions for using and Privacy Policy apply to Authors, as well as regular users.
  • All Nevada and Federal laws and regulations apply to your articles and their content. You may not slander or malign any individuals, groups, organizations or companies in this setting any more than you would do so in public.
  • This website is freely seen by the public, there is no charge to post ads or articles, to buy from users, or post events. It is owned and operated by Ruby Radio and we have final determination over any posting.

We hope you submit an article or two and share your knowledge and interests with users!

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