Humans are very visual and the internet is a very visual place! Here are some tips for making your images look great and become a powerful part of your classified ads on!

When shooting:

  • Make sure the image is in focus. With most phones, if you touch the screen where you see your item, it will auto-focus on that part of the visual field.
  • Check that the image is well-lit. A lot of people will read the site using their phones with small images and dark makes it harder to figure out what they’re looking at.
    • Can you make out what the item is on your phone? Does it have a big shadow running through it?
    • Is it over-lit and washed out? Find a space where you can shine a light on it or shade it from too much light.
    • The color also changes when it is over- or under-exposed so to help the Buyer really appreciate the blue or green or lovely yellow, the light you present your item in will make all the difference about how excited they are to find and buy.
  • Position your item so it is only your item in the picture. If there is a lot of clutter around the item, it will be hard for the Buyer to focus on what you are actually selling. Remove the extra stuff. Set your item on a table or against a blank wall. Even wallpaper in the background can undermine your nifty item. Ask yourself if your product is really the only thing in that image.
  • You might have to take a few photos to get it right. Click, then check, and click again if needed.
    • Take shots of the multiple angles.
    • For clothing, take a picture of the front, the back, the tag, any details like embroidery or special pockets.
    • Showing multiple angles gives the Buyer more confidence that they are seeing what is really there.
  • Create a folder in your device or an “Album” in Google Photos to make it easier to isolate the images for each item, or a group of items you’re planning to sell.

When posting:

  • Be sure to upload multiple images.
  • It seems obvious, but make sure the images are different from each other and show off different angles and features of the item. 5 copies of the same image doesn’t add anything to the ad.
  • More involved items like Cars or Houses will need more images to convey the whole item.
  • Make sure your images are upright. In the Edit function of writing an ad, it is easy to Rotate the image so the car is upright or the shirt with lettering reads like people would expect to read it.
  • Take a look at your ad on the real site and on your phone to see what it looks like to others. If you need to change anything, it’s easy through “My Account” and then find your ad in “My Listings.”
  • Share your ad on Facebook to tell your friends about it. The questions they ask about its color or details could indicate other elements you might take pictures of to improve the sellability of your item. If friends want to know, your Buyer might want to know, too!

Good luck selling your item. If you have other suggestions, please post in the comments!

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