American history is filled with stories about “Uncertain times.” If EVER the times were uncertain, it’s now.

Congress is busy with stimulus packages and low-interest loans and such. While you can check our Financial Resources page for details about what is available.

But frankly, one category of business is getting painfully overlooked. Small business.

Sure, airlines and other big companies will get a giant check. But the store on the corner won’t get much help, even though nearly 50% of all Americans work for small businesses. They are the lifeblood of this community.

That’s where you and I come in. Most small businesses are closed right now, by government order. The owners and employees are suffering. And when they re-open – IF they re-open – they’ll have a rough time getting back on their feet.

So let’s help them out – they’ve been serving you for years.  If you can, buy something from a small business. Skip a trip to Amazon and spend your money with someone you know. Get some take-out from a local restaurant. Buy a gift card you can use later.

To a local small business, YOU are the economy. YOU are the stimulus they need.

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