Carson City, NV — As an extension of Governor Steve Sisolak’s Declaration of Emergency for COVID-19, issued on March 12, 2020, the Nevada Health Response team issued Directive 016, with guidelines for businesses about conducting business with curbside sales.

These safety measures are designed to permit our essential and non-essential retailers of all sizes to provide curbside sales of their products while adhering to consistent protocols that protect the health of both customers and employees.

Given that COVID-19 is spread through interpersonal contact, retailers that wish to offer curbside service must comply with all Nevada State Occupational Safety and Health Administration (NV OSHA) requirements, CDC guidelines, and the following safety protocols:

  • Whenever possible, all sales transactions must take place in advance or via contactless payment as defined in the March 20, 2020 Emergency Regulations.
  • Each transaction should be with an individual customer, one at a time, outside, in a driveway or parking lot. Any product delivered curbside must be placed in the customer’s vehicle by the retail employee. No hand-to-hand delivery of product is permitted.
  • Retailers selling alcohol, tobacco, or cannabis products must comply with existing rules and regulations specific to those sales and must continue to conduct age verification as required by law.
    TIP: Retailers should check IDs in as contactless a manner as possible, for example, by asking customers to place their ID against the glass of a vehicle’s window or windshield.
  • All employees should wear face coverings that cover their noses and mouths and disposable gloves when providing curbside service. Gloves should not be used for more than one (1) customer transaction.
  • Customers interacting with retail employees should also wear a face covering whenever possible. Retailers may reserve their right to refuse service to any person not wearing a mask.
    TIP: Customers should be responsible for opening or closing their vehicle’s door or trunk to allow for contactless delivery of the items. Customers should otherwise remain in their cars for the duration of the transaction.
  • Businesses must maintain traffic flow and should establish a designated “Curbside Commerce” area.
  • Businesses are strongly encouraged to schedule specific pick-up times to avoid overflow traffic or impediments to normal street traffic.
  • No business may set up outdoor tables, benches, or any type of seating for curbside customers.
  • Participating businesses should decline the return of goods during curbside service and make alternative arrangements for returns/exchanges.

For a complete list of all the Governor’s Directives and Declarations related to the March 12, 2020 Declaration of Emergency for COVID-19 in Nevada, visit the

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