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Cleaning your new home office

Keeping Your New Home Office Clean

Working at home doesn’t give you the benefit of a janitorial crew to clean up after you. Think about your new home office a little differently than you might think about your home. Here are a few tips for blending home and office with a stop-the-virus mindset.

Making the most of your time at home

Stuff to Do While Stuck at Home

Limiting contact so the virus doesn’t infect other people means we all end up with a lot of time on our hands at home while you are actually feeling healthy enough to do stuff. Here are a few ideas to feel productive.

How to Get Rid of Electronic Clutter

Getting Rid of Tech Clutter

Tech has a way of moving on and leaving its artifacts and obsolete parts in your house. Here are a few tips for how to reclaim your space from the future that became outdated.

How to clean out a closet

Clean Out That Closet So It Stays Clean

Closets, even with the best intentions, have a way of filling back up again. Now that the New Year is upon us, you have a few days to do a great job with this closet, and storage containers are on sale, here are some tips to keep ahead of the clutter.

Declutter, improve your health and make money

Declutter and Make Money

Declutter, improve your health, and make money. Here are few good reasons to get started and tips for making some money with stuff you don’t need anymore.