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Knee Replacement patient Terry Sheffield with Dr. Aaron Hofmann
Hofmann Arthritis Institute

Pain from hip and knee arthritis can quickly bring you to your knees. Even simple everyday tasks such as getting dressed, driving a car, and walking can become very difficult.

There are many nonsurgical options for the treatment of arthritis, ranging from anti-inflammatory medications, injections, physical therapy, and using a cane or walker. However, there are many patients that despite trying these measures continue to suffer with severe pain.

Thankfully, hip and knee replacement can quickly restore quality of life and get you back in the game.

Over 1 million hip and knee replacements are performed in the United States each year. As the population ages, these rates are expected to double every decade. Also, with improved treatment of other medical conditions, people are living longer and remaining much more active in their later years.

I enjoy coming to Elko and meeting all the men and women here who are working so hard, but have unfortunately developed knee or hip pain. That can really get in the way of how you feel about yourself, your ability to work and feeling productive. There are a lot of safe options to regain that level of activity.

You don’t have to suffer with
hip and knee pain.
There are lots of safe options.

Aaron Hofmann, MD

As a hip and knee surgeon at the Hofmann Arthritis Institute, my job is to look at every step of the treatment of these patients to try to optimize recovery and provide patients with the best results that will last. I often refer patients to physical therapy ahead of time to help them prepare for surgery and get a head start. I find that patients recover much quicker if they are in the best physical shape possible.

We also discuss doing all that we can to reduce the risk of complications by making sure medical problems such as diabetes or heart disease are well controlled. I also encourage patients to stop smoking prior to surgery to minimize their risks.

Most hip and knee surgery can safely be done with spinal anesthesia. Patients can still sleep through the surgery, but can avoid a breathing tube and don’t have to recover from general anesthesia after the surgery. Physical therapy starts within a few hours of surgery, and within 24 hours most patients are ready to go home, with some leaving the same day of surgery

Remember, you don’t have to suffer with hip and knee pain. There have been many advances made in the world of hip and knee replacement. It is a very safe procedure and in most cases patients will see a dramatic improvement in quality of life within just a few weeks after their surgery.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Aaron Hofmann, call 801-355-6468. Dr. Hofmann visits his Elko clinic at least once a month.

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