Stay-at-home moms are busy, nonstop. Your full-time job is to keep your household running smoothly while meeting the needs of your family. If your kids are very young, there are even more demands to keep up with. However, in the midst of always prioritizing the needs of others in your family, it is also important to take care of yourself and explore your interests and passions. One way that many stay-at-home moms are doing this is by starting their own home-based businesses.

If the idea of being a “COVIDpreneur” has crossed your mind, it could be the right time to launch your new venture. shares four tips for starting a thriving home-based business when you are a stay-at-home mom of little ones.

Create a schedule that supports work-life balance.

Among all the hurdles that you’ll face as a new business owner/stay-at-home mom, scheduling will be the most complex. Rather than being able to maintain strict 9-to-5 office hours, you need to have the flexibility to attend to your child at a moment’s notice. Also, young children do not have any kind of grasp on the importance of not interrupting you when you are working.

To overcome this obstacle, create a work schedule that will balance both your business duties and home duties. This will look different for everyone, but can include working in the early morning hours or after your child has gone to bed. It could also include working and fulfilling orders during your child’s nap or when they are at preschool. Rather than letting the day happen to you, be intentional about every minute of your time.

Get stuff done online, rather than in-person.

Moms of little ones know how hard it is to bring their children anywhere. Even a short trip to the grocery store can end in chaos and crying. Trying to fill out important forms and pay for licenses at the city or county office could quickly become a super stressful event and result in multiple trips.

As you begin to research necessary paperwork and licenses for your COVIDpreneur business, opt to file as much as you can online. Nowadays, there is almost nothing that can’t be completed digitally. For example, if you are planning to take advantage of the benefits of forming an LLC (such as limited financial liability and tax advantages), many states will allow you to do this online. You can either choose to file it yourself or with a formation service. Since each state has its own rules, click here to review information on how to start a business and form an LLC in Nevada.

Ask for help when you need it.

Being a COVIDpreneur and a full-time mom involves hours upon hours of work. With only 24 hours in the day and a finite amount of energy, you cannot do it all. According to the Harvard Business Review, you can only manager your energy – not your time. Accepting this early on is healthy and realistic. Whether you need childcare to have time to fulfill orders, or you want to outsource your social media marketing, ask for help when you need it.

Let your children help when possible.

Instead of feeling like you have to separate your work life and personal life, get your kids involved with your business when possible. If you run a baked goods business, let them be taste testers. Or, if you sell homemade creations, let them help you pack and ship orders. Including your children will help them learn about running a business, and it will give you extra time together.

In addition to using these tips to launch a successful home-based business, be sure to take care of yourself on a regular basis. Having a solid plan for weekly self-care and stress management is key to balancing your duties as a mom and business owner.

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