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Boost your body and mind naturally  
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This stuff has 50% of the daily requirements of fruits and veggies + a lot more in each capsule. Unlike other so-called nutritional products that are loaded with synthetic, man-made chemicals that cannot be assimilated by the body, ELEV8 is completely natural. The combination of ingredients give our body a daily boost. ELEV8 is created from pure herbal, whole food, and medicinal mushroom extracts that may give your body a boost of energy, endurance, healing, and overall feeling of well-being. Combined modern extract technology with ancient medicinal ingredients, support your ability to perform at a very high level. With this stuff, unhealthy garbage energy drinks that can lead to health problems, are a thing of the past. You got your umphh for the day, right here. Find out for yourself the benefits that come with this powerful elixir of energy, vitality & overall health. This stuff is manufactured in Utah. When you become a retail customer, you are automatically a distributor and are given a website if you so choose to use. There's certainly no obligation to sell the product however, but if you tell a friend or 2 about it in the future, they can simply use your user name in the URL instead of mine and u get credit for it.
This company pays us HUGE to advertise a product that we all need and do their hiring, if you are interested in an awesome business opportunity & want to be a brand partner. This company is less than 2 years old & doing business in 180 countries. This is a good source of a first or second income & this company is growing very quick. A 1 month supply costs $50. Based on buying a 2 month supply every month ('cause they want us to give away samples 'cause people will buy their own) for $89 and finding 4 people to do the same thing as you, this company gives you a $500 monthly car allowance and that's just 1 bonus feature out of 7. A BRAND NEW CAR!, other bonuses & all that nutrition for $89 a month. You can't go wrong. Don't let this ground floor opportunity pass you or someone you care for by. If you're not interested in the business op., feel free to buy the product, it's outstanding. However, I'm sure someone you know, would greatly appreciate you referring them to this chance to make awesome money with a product that does all of our bodies well. Feel free to call Jon, if you have any questions. Click on the website link above to read more and order yours today because it takes 2 weeks for delivery. Other relevant info. can be found at
Listing ID: 215184
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